Our Services

Contracts And Procurement

  • Identification and defining stakeholder requirements

  • Project concept, design and initiation

  • Procurement and delivery strategy development

  • Risk review, strategy and governance

  • Tender process management

  • Estimates and cost planning

  • Tender response management

  • Tender assessment

  • Contract negotiation

Planning And Controls

  • Identification and defining stakeholder requirements

  • Construction Staging

  • Procurement strategy

  • Master Planning

  • Interface definition and management

  • Management of utility owners and authorities and key stakeholders

  • 3rd Party Agreements

  • Project planning and scheduling

  • Risk identification, assessment and management

Construction Management Services

  • Approvals, licenses, compliance

  • Constructability reviews

  • Stakeholders coordination and Interface management

  • Project performance reviews and forecasting

  • Trend analysis and process improvement advice

  • Processes and procedures evaluation and optimisation

  • Project governance and reporting

  • Project Completion, handover and commissioning plan

Design Management

  • Constructability assessment and technical advice

  • Staging development

  • GIS and management of 3d mapping

  • Procurement and management of technical subject matter experts

  • Design management

  • Stakeholder review and approval management

  • Change management

  • Value engineering

  • Design packaging and compliance during all the stages of project realisation

Contract Administration

  • Evaluation report preparation

  • Issues resolution and management of project close outs

  • Variations and delay analysis

  • Procurement management

  • EOI management, evaluation and shortlisting

Project Development

  • Feasibility study

  • Business plan writing

  • Business development

  • Complex programs integration

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